Important Announcement

Elisa     27 August 2020

We have some important news to share with you.

At the most recent RSM Board meeting our beloved Fe - current Executive Director and longest serving member of Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries - tended her resignation as Executive Director.
Fe has been working on site from before Rehoboth opened it's doors until now. After more than 20 years of faithful service, Fe has prayerfully decided it is time to resign. Her final day as Executive Director will be August 31st 2020.

God has richly blessed Rehoboth in the person of Fe. If you have ever met her, you would know that she has a strong faith, and entrusts to her heavenly Father all the the joys and challenges - from daily life right through to managing this NGO. Grace abounds with Fe and the unconditional love and care she shows to those around her is a true reflection of what she has found in Christ. Fe's love for the children of Rehoboth is incalculable. She is, in every sense of the word, Mama Fe. Fe's love, guidance and encouragement of the staff both within and beyond work hours has empowered and emboldened, giving staff a glimpse of how God sees them. We are incredibly thankful to God for her faithfulness, leadership, perseverance and the gifts and talents He has uncovered in Fe throughout her journey with Rehoboth.

Fe plans to remain in a supporting role with Rehoboth alongside the social workers. This is her true joy - to see every child in a loving and caring family. We are pleased to let you know that Ailyn Canlas will replace Fe in the role of Executive Director. Ailyn has been with Rehoboth since 2014 - first serving as a teacher. She has more recently been Onsite Administrator, with Fe working a portion of her time remotely from the USA. Ailyn has recently received her Masters in Business Administration. This qualification and her experience at Rehoboth hold her in good stead to continue to the important work of Rehoboth administration and leadership.

Fe is not one for grand occasions and public acknowledgement. Covid-19 plays into this quite nicely for Fe ! 

We would however, like to offer you the opportunity to acknowledge her impact on your life and Rehoboth by giving you her mailing address and asking you to write a personal letter or card to her.

If you have visited Rehoboth, adopted a child from there, lived at Rehoboth and found your forever family, worked with her, heard about her work, or have supported Rehoboth and want to celebrate her, please write to her.
Our hope is that her mailbox is filled with personal cards and letters from all over the world.

Please pray for Fe as she transitions to life with a little less Rehoboth. Please thank God for her in your prayers, for the hundreds of lives she has touched in her work and the thousands it has impacted throughout the world. Fe has provided a beacon of hope to so many, and we are truly grateful for her.

Please click here for Fe's mailing address

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