Vision for Self Support Initiatives

RSM depends on the generous donations and gifts from individuals, churches and other charitable organisations.  We are humbled and grateful for these gifts but must also recognise the fluctuating nature of such assistance.  As an organisation, we are working towards becoming self sufficient.  This sustainability or self sufficiency takes numerous forms, and at it's core represents the ministry continuing to reach out into the community and to rely on God for His provision with wisdom, thoughtful planning and community based initiatives.

We have 2 main projects for becoming more self sustaining

Project 1: Sustainable Agriculture  

The sustainable agriculture program is now a well established, part of Rehoboth. Over the past 10 years Rehoboth has been able to grow and provide for it's own food needs. This has included the development of a small organic market garden, raising chickens, ducks and pigs. It also includes an environmentally friendly and sustainable Aquaponics system - for fish cultivation and vegetables in the wet season.  

Food that is not use for our children's needs are sold at the local market in an effort to self sustain the farming and provide an income to Rehoboth. In addition, through an exchange of skills we are allowing workers at RSM to spend time working in the market garden for a reduced price on produce for their own families.  This is just another way that we can assist and help our own community. Read more...

farm 1farm 4

farm 2

Project 2: Commercial Strip - Long Term Project Vision

One of the big needs in the Philippines is for employment... steady, close to home, with decent wages. Traditionally, a high percentage of workers lose their jobs every six months before reaching regular employee status. Businesses can save money by just hiring new 'temps' and the unemployment rate is high. To add even more complication, during the rainy ("hungry") season workers in construction and other occupations typically miss many days of pay because they have no work. This is why the chief export of the Philippines is 'OFWs', overseas foreign workers who leave their loved ones to go abroad for long-term employment to support their families remotely. The development of a small commercial strip at the front of our premises would be a great way to positively impact families in our area, as well as create an income stream for Rehoboth's self-support. 

A commercial strip could provide the following benefits:

  • Sustainability for the Rehoboth Children's Home through lease agreements and/or business profits 
  • Helping families to stay together, preventing costly work travel to the cities or abroad
  • Payment of a fair, steady wage
  • Occupational training for single moms and others in distress
  • Family qualification for government benefit programs for health, housing loans and retirement
  • Local economic stimulus and goodwill in Sampaloc


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