Rehoboth Staff

Rehoboth has a dynamic and loving staff who care tirelessly for the needs of the children. Rehoboth is truly blessed to have such wonderful talented caregivers, gardeners, maintenance workers, teachers and administrators.

Executive Director

Fe Phillips - 2003 to August 2020

fe 2

Fe has been an integral part of the Rehoboth since the late 1990s. Bob and Barbara Morris, the founders of Rehoboth, employed Fe as a home helper. Seeing her spark, her faithfulness to God, her humble spirit and the potential for her to shine, they increasingly offered opportunity for Fe. Fe studied at university and was awarded her Bachelor in Social Work. She later and went on to begin her Masters in Social Work. She worked as both a social worker and the Onsite Administrator alongside Jan Druckenmiller as the International Administrator of Rehoboth. More recently Fe took over the entire Administrator role as Executive Director.

Fe's heart has always been for the children of Rehoboth. Her heart aches in their stories and resonates with the vision of Rehoboth for every child to be in a loving and caring family. Fe has also been a valuable mentor to the staff at Rehoboth. She has been responsible for ensuring a culture at Rehoboth where staff are valued and cherished. She has empowered women to see their potential and given staff opportunity to grow and develop.

As of August 2020, Fe has resigned her position of Executive Director. She will still remain as an important guide and mentor to the staff in a volunteer capacity. Her service for more than 20 years at Rehoboth has shaped the landscape for which the children, staff and supporters will be forever thankful. We are thankful to God for her dedication and faithfulness.


Executive Director  

Ailyn Canlas - from September 2020IMG 20200825 103333

Ailyn has been working for Rehoboth since 2014 when she joined as a teacher. Ailyn will commence the role of Executive Director in September 2020. Ailyn brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise in organisation and management, completing her Masters in Business Administration in 2019. Ailyn has been Onsite Administrator while Fe has been working between the USA and Philippines over the past 5 years. 

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