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Important Announcement

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Elisa     27 August 2020

We have some important news to share with you.

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Quarantine activities

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Elisa     5 August 2020

So what do we do when we can't go outside the premises.... the talented staff at Rehoboth have plenty of ideas !

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Swings !

swing 1
Elisa     15 July 2020

The Pogi Boys have been busy !

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Latest News from Rehoboth

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Elisa     19 April 2020

Latest News from Rehoboth. 

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Work One Day for Rehoboth, 2017

Rehoboth landscape
Elisa     9 July 2017

It's on again ! Work One Day is RSM's annual fundraiser for Rehoboth Children's Home. It's a  great opportunity for people all over the world to join together to work knowing that their wage from that day is making a difference directly to the kids of Rehoboth.

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Rehoboth Clinic is PhilHealth Accredited

Elisa     12 April 2017

We are so excited to let you know that Rehoboth Clinic is PhilHealth accredited ! This means that local patients with PhilHealth can be served for Rehoboth Services. We are looking forward to being able to offer services to a wider group in Sampaloc.  The Clinic offers birthing and maternity services as well as basic health care with a view to having a full time family doctor, dentist, pediatrician and pharmacy onsite. 

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Work One Day for Rehoboth July 2016

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RSM     30 June 2016

Work One Day is RSM's annual fundraiser for Rehoboth Children's Home.

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Subaru Christmas Party 2014

Elisa     20 December 2014

Subaru Club of Manila - 3rd Annual Christmas Party

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United Nations Day 2014

IMG 2382
Elisa     24 October 2014

Each year Rehoboth has a United Nations Parade. Each child dresses up as someone from their chosen country. There is a Parade and ceremony celebrating all nations around the world.

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Recent Photos from Rehoboth

Elisa     29 August 2014

Please enjoy some recent photos of the kids at staff at Rehoboth.

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Zhongshi Korean International School (China) Team

IMG 0178
Elisa     30 June 2014

In June we had a visit from Zhongshi Korean International School (China).

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Valentines Day 2014

girls prom
Elisa     3 April 2014

This Valentines day the kids at Rehoboth celebrated with a Kids Prom.

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Boys Boodle Fight

boodle newsimage
Elisa     3 April 2014

March 2014 saw a special event for our awesome Rehoboth boys - a Boodle Fight!

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New Playground!

Elisa     29 January 2014

In December we had an exciting addition to the landscape at Rehoboth - new playground equipment !

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Work Team Visit (“Water they up to?”)

IMG 9345
Ken     29 January 2014

Each year we have several work teams visit Rehoboth. Sometimes they are a widely diverse group, sometimes focused on construction, sometimes single families or couples, etc.

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Christmas At Rehoboth

Elisa     6 January 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

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Dental Services To Be Offered Soon

new dental chair
Ken     7 December 2013

Thanks to several donors in the United States, dental care will likely be the first service offered at Rehoboth’s new outpatient clinic. RSM plans to begin offering prophylaxis (cleaning), tooth extractions and restorations (fillings) to the community as soon as we can partner with a dentist.

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Baby Home Progress

MG 0423
Maggie     5 December 2013

The building is ready .... what happens next?

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Aquaponics is Up and Running!

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Maggie     5 November 2013

Normally when you think of growing things in a tropical environment, images of lush trees dripping with exotic and delicious fruits come to mind.  Who wouldn't love to have mango's each day or vegetables fresh each day!  

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Work One Day Results! Thank you!

Maggie     4 November 2013

I'm Working 1 Day for RCH

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