RELC - Rehoboth Early Learning Center

RELC is an on-site preschool/school for the residents of Rehoboth and some children in the wider community. It was designed as a preschool, and preschool/kindergarten lessons are taught.

However, with some of Rehoboth’s children having no education when they arrive, there are often 7, 8 and even 9 year olds in these classes.

More recently with the admission of older children (7 – 10yrs old) there has been the need to develop curriculum for older children who are a couple of years behind their peer group in regular school. They are learning on-site with individualized programs to try and get them up to speed and give them the learning support needed.

RELC has one preschool classroom and other small offices around Rehoboth are being used for older children.

collage RELC

Graduation Day 2014

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