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Sending support and love during this difficult time...                    DONATE

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Each donation adds a heart on Rehoboth's wall to remind the kids and staff of your support.

Rehoboth, as with many organisations, is facing the financial strain of COVID-19. Therapy fees for the kids have gone up; visitors and donations have gone down.

Rehoboth cares deeply for the kids and also for the staff. 75% of the running costs of the home are staff wages and many of the staff provide the majority or sole income for their families. Rehoboth invests in wonderful staff to provide the care, love and attention the children need, and the security to thrive while they wait for a forever family. 

In early August, Rehoboth was forced to implement wage reduction measures to avoid staff layoffs. This is heartbreaking and also necessary to support both the organisation and staff during this challenging time.

Your donation will provide the foundation for Rehoboth to continue it's care of little ones in need and support the staff with secure wages. 

For every donation we'll add a heart on the wall display at Rehoboth - a visual reminder to the kids and staff we are thinking of them and supporting them from afar. 

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