Sponsor Child Payments

Please use the links below to set up a recurring payment or make your regular sponsorship payment.

If you'd like to be a child sponsor, and have not signed up yet, please go HERE to sign up to be a child sponsor.

Set up a Monthly Recurring Payment   
 Make a payment by clicking on a currency →
(we will email you a reminder for subsequent sponsor payments)
  $35 AUD   Monthly 35 35 20 1500
 $35 USD* see note re tax concession   Quarterly 105 105 60 4500
  £20 GBP   Twice yearly 210 210 120 9000
 P1500 PHP   Yearly 420 420 240 18000

* For USA tax concessions - please donate via our partner organisation Sacred Portion Childrens Outreach

Can't find your currency? Email us at donate@rehobothsampalocministries.com 

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