Work One Day Results! Thank you!

Maggie     4 November 2013

I'm Working 1 Day for RCH

October brought an exciting opportunity for Rehoboth friends to Work One Day for Rehoboth Childrens Home. Participants all over the world picked a day during the week of October 20 - 26 to give one day's wage to Rehoboth. What a blessing to have volunteers, adoptive families and people who have simply heard about the nurturing and transformative work of Rehoboth, join together to generously give.

When the Rehoboth staff heard about the support they were so moved that they also decided donated wages ! This speaks to the calibre and nature of the phenomenal and dedicated staff we have working at RCH. Together we raised $13,180 with one workplace still to participate during November. What a blessing ! Huge thanks goes out to everyone who donated and supported this initiative.  This will certainly help us with our budget deficit!

There are plenty of ways to support Rehoboth - financially, paryerfully and with donations of goods and services. If you'd like to know more please email Elisa at

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