Baby Home Progress

Maggie     5 December 2013

The building is ready .... what happens next?

We are excited that the final stages of the building program for Bonnie's Heart Baby Home are done.  Now it is time to fit out 1454670 610537259005536 991396234 n2
our building so that we can assist the precious little children that so desperately need our care.

What will this take? 

We need a social worker to administer the process for the children

We need carers to nurture and pour themselves into the lives of the babies that will use these facilities

And we need all those diapers, wipes, baby food and supplies!

Which means we need you!  All this will cost $4000 per month.  To find out how more about how you can pledge your support and raise your hand in helping these facilities meet the needs of these children go to our Show of Hands donation page.

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