Work One Day for Rehoboth, 2017

Elisa     9 July 2017

It's on again ! Work One Day is RSM's annual fundraiser for Rehoboth Children's Home. It's a  great opportunity for people all over the world to join together to work knowing that their wage from that day is making a difference directly to the kids of Rehoboth.

Pick a day during the week of August 6 - 12th 2017 to work for Rehoboth. This doesn't mean travel onsite, but instead, work your usual job and donate your wages from that day to Rehoboth. 

Could you spare one day's wage from the year for Rehoboth ?

Rehoboth Children's Home provides loving support for children who need temporary shelter due to abuse, neglect, abandonment, or if they are orphaned or surrendered for adoption. The social workers tirelessly undertake the task of finding the best long term solution for the children - be that reunification with birth families or adoption in to a forever family.

All funds raised will go toward the everyday needs of RCH - be it toothpaste and toilet paper or food, medication, doctors appointments or paperwork processing for adoption. Your wages make Rehoboth run. 

If you register we'll send you an email on your workday or you can set a reminder and we'll contact you at the beginning of the week. Register or set a reminder here

You can read more about RCH here

To find out more about this fundraiser go here

To donate - click here

Questions? Please email Elisa

Thanks for your support !

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