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Work One Day is Rehoboth's annual fundraiser for Rehoboth Children's Home. Of the 365 days in a year, how about donating one days' wage to Rehoboth ! 

Your donation will directly impact the lives of the kids by providing funds for food, toiletries, medicine, diapers/nappies, caregivers, education and adoption paperwork processing.

  • Pick a day in the week August 6 - 12th, 2017 and set it aside to Work for Rehoboth Children's Home.
  • Register or set a reminder below. (We'll be in touch on the day and send you a link to donate)
  • On this day, mindfully work your normal job knowing that your efforts on this day are earning funds that directly impact the well-being of Rehoboth kids.
  • After your work day, donate your wages from this day to the work of Rehoboth Children's Home.
  • We'll let you know that your gift was received and how it will be used.

Let your friends, family, church and work colleagues know what you are doing. (they just might want to join in).

Here's a summary of what Rehoboth does and why or you can find more information about Rehoboth here.

Thanks for your support.

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