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first patient for dental chair

A group of foreign dentists outfitted our dental room with a dental chair, X-ray, tools and supplies! The birthing functions are in use and equipped minimally. We could still use some equipment, and there are portions of the building that are sitting idle. Would you help us outfit them?


Medical Clinic Plan4

The cost of outfitting each room includes wall cabinets, doors to base cabinets, window blinds (where necessary), aircon or electric fan (again, where necessary), furniture, any specialized medical equipment, and consumables such as tongue depressers, etc. All rooms are painted and tiled, with counters and sinks installed. Here is a brief description of what remains to be purchased for each:

Exam rooms 1-3

Each of these small rooms already has an exam table and an electric fan at minimum. We also have enough blood pressure cuffs and digital ear thermometers. The main need is for cabinetry and consumables. However, see specific requests for each.

   Exam 1--OB/GYN. We want to buy a 2D ultrasound machine on mobile cart and a model of the female reproductive system. 

   Exam 2--Multi-specialty. Otoscope. 

   Exam 3--Pediatrics. Otoscope. 


Special needs are for a chiller (refrigerator), air conditioner, computer, shelving and cabinets. A starting stock of consumable items (bandages, syringes, etc.) would likely cost at least $300. A one-month stock of medicine and vaccines would likely cost at least $500. 

Basic Laboratory

There are three levels of laboratory capability--this will be the lowest level with more expensive tests being referred elsewhere. However, we will need a microscope, centrifuge, hematocrit, and computer, as well as many diagnostic supplies. A list of equipment is specified by Dept. of Health for licensing. A blood draw chair would be a bonus. 

Consultation Area

Patients will provide their medical history to the midwives/nurses in this area, as well as having their vital signs taken before seeing the doctor. We want to use electronic patient records eventually, so we anticipate needing a computer here. A timeclock for all staff would be located here. 


This area will be used by at least three staff: Receptionist/Billing Clerk, Patient Records Manager, and Administrator. We will need 3 computers with UPSs, a good laser printer/copier, two desks, shelving, filing cabinets and office supplies. 

Public Waiting Area

We already have a lot of plastic chairs, but there is a nice spot high on the wall that begs for an LCD TV for showing informational videos. We want to locate content on a wide variety of medical topics such as Tuberculosis, Diabetes, Hypertension, Dental Care, Alcoholism, Infant Care, Boils, Abuse, Family Planning, Disaster Preparedness, etc. 

Crash Cart

We will encounter situations in which patients need life-saving measures. Can you help us obtain a defibrillator, ventilation equipment and medicine/supplies to help save a life until they can reach a hospital? Ambulances here are generally poorly equipped, if available.

 I want to help outfit a room.

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